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for all those suffering an unhealthy obsession with the concept of the trial of hannibal lecter

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The Trial of Dr. Hannibal Lecter - The Courtroom Artist

Lounds was in her element, strutting up the courthouse steps beside me as I fumbled with a set of pastels and a sketchbook.
"It’s a symbiotic relationship," she explained (to herself, to me, or to the countless excited readers inside her head - I couldn’t tell), “The more fun Lecter has during the trial, the more mesmerized the public becomes with him - and the more mesmerized they are, the more fun for Lecter. For Dr. Lecter, it’s all about having fun. Either way, it works to our advantage."

Courtroom Sketch #1: Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s attorney turns to speak to him during Will Graham’s testimony

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A study of distortion and other matters of perception - By Dr. Alana Bloom.

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#alana bloom #abigail hobbs #type: academia #type: graphic #trial 'verse #not much good comes out of Hannibal Lecter's trial - for anyone but Hannibal Lecter #but Alana Bloom has stories that are not about Hannibal and she will not be silenced #(and if it would be a lie to claim she doesn't want every word of his life's work discredited #now that she understands his true contributions to the psychological community) #so she writes #about Abigail Hobbs #it's an homage; it's an epitaph; in some ways it's even a love letter #now that Hannibal is locked away Doctor Bloom is the best god damned psychiatrist out there and she knows it #part of her wants to write a book that won't help anyone but her; wants to exorcise her demons into constrained little letters row by row #but she's too good for that #so instead she exorcises Abigail's demons #the book becomes about the way a young girl protected herself; the way she rewrote the perceptions of everyone around her & wove them into a #shield of protection from all the men who wanted to hurt her; the way she snarled and manipulated like a witch but only ever showed us the f #frightened determined girl #(she turned everything we knew against us #and then Hannibal Lecter turned everything she knew against her #but Alana Bloom doesn't talk about that #Alana Bloom doesn't say a word about Hannibal Lecter because she is done #talking #about him) #Bloom discusses psychogeographies and psychospatialities and liminal spaces in ways that no one has dared before #and she tells Abigail Hobbs's story more truly than Freddie Lounds ever would #(the book sells well #better than anything Hannibal Lecter ever touched #and Alana doesn't read the review Hannibal Lecter writes)


anyone who isn’t us is an enemy

hannibal dreamcast

david bowie as count robert lecter

diane kruger as mischa lecter

ko shibasaki as lady murasaki

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An exclusive look into the upcoming interview between the most infamous journalist of our time and the Chesapeake Ripper.

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#freddie lounds #hannibal lecter #type: graphic #lecter almost disappears after his incaceration - he's bound up and muffled into institutionalization #won't see anyone; won't see or be seen #he's still out there of course; his name dances on the rims of blood-red cocktails and his mask-face grins up from the joker in decks of pla #the communal-memory of the wreckage he left of his lawyer's face with just his teeth holds strong #and pop-psychology on the cannibal and his keepers - all those damaged goods officers and investigators who kept fellowship with him #is the most popular gig in town #(count the books on the best seller list - there are two about hannibal; one about the chespeake investigation; and a third about cannibalis #but freddie lounds; oooh hannibal will talk to her; and somehow she wrangles and claws and sniffs her way back into his stone-labyrinth cell #block #and he doesn't talk much #and she's smart enough to hold back #to just use the one or the two really good lines; lines he fed her as carefully and with as much elegance #as any delicacy he fed to his guests #and she knows it (and sees the similarity and only-just manages not to shiver with glee that she never ate of his meats) #but uses it anyway #and she's the lifeline; she's the direct line to the devil #and she will never be respected as a journalist or a writer; always tainted with the tabloid; always sensationalist; always soiled #but damnit if she hasn't made her name off the back of the devil #and dammit if when he smiles in the dark and those cannibal-clean teeth glint #she doesn't smile back like a kindred spirit #(it's not why they will never accept her; the intelligentsia #the profesors; the experts; the writers; the highest of brows; no that goes down to her roots and her name and her living #and all the things that force her to bare her claws and her teeth just to get a foothold in a world that never wanted her #but it is why she's succeeded in such a riproaring way where they never could)


This paining in Hannibal’s hall is called Mary of Modena painted by Willem Wissing in 1685. He was a Durch portrait artist who moved to England. He died quite young (1656-1687) and his epitaph is Immodicis brevis est aetas, meaning Friendly artists don’t live long

The lady in the painting is Maria Beatrice Anna Margherita Isabella d’Este, the queen of England, Scotland and Ireland as the second wife of James II, born a princess of the Italian Duchy of Modena. Her middle name Beatrice could be a reference to Beatrice Portinari, the woman Dante Alighieri admired so much (and Hannibal is an avid admirer of Dante), I don’t believe in coincidences when Hannibal is concerned. :-)

So, after the analysis of the painting of naked lady in Hannibal’s dining room - read here and the naked ladies in Hannibal’s kitchen - read here, we have a dressed lady, what a change! :-) I didn’t find anything naughty in here, but maybe it’s well hidden. 


All descriptions of paintings in Hannibal are here.

Hannibal Lecter is believed to be descended from the ruthless Tuscan Guiliano Bevisangue and from the Machiavelli and Visconti bloodlines. There were several entanglements between the Visconti and d’Este families, the most significant tie being that Galeazzo I Visconti married Beatrice d’Este (daughter of Obizzo II d’Este) on 24 June 1300. 

Mary of Modena was descended from the d’Este line, and lived from 1658 to 1718, much later in history. However, (according to tracing parentage through wikipedia), Mary of Modena’s parentage also traces back to Obizzo II d’Este.

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#trial 'verse #type: graphic #type: tags #hannibal lecter #will graham #abigail hobbs #this trial is no longer about the law #it ceased being about the law the moment Hannibal Lecter first smiled in that court-room #like he wasn't the one in chains - like he was free and everyone around him stood behind bars they would never see #in that moment it became about identities #about labels #about the lines drawn on floors around rotting bodies #and how they can never quite capture the truth #the trial became shadows of images - Hannibal Lecter's tight cruelly polite snarl of a grin #Will Graham's pale reeling illness and alcohol-glassed eyes #the empty space of Abigail Hobbs' ear and her all-too-malleable expressions #these images are memorialized; pored over; obsessed upon #everyone tries to find the truths within the lines but all they can see is the misshapen crime-scene outline of people distilled #through print and myth #Platonic images of human shadows cast by real objects oh-so-far away #they rip apart identical images on after the other #trying to find the piece that doesn't fit; the expression that will crack the puzzle #they interrogate the jury for years after the fact #they read law journals and memorize Black's Law Dictionary and hang barely legal polaroids on their office wall #they sketch the cannibal mask over pictures of their own face and wonder if it's possible to become as unreal #as ephemeral and faceless as the figures of the Lecter trial #without losing everything human about them #(Hannibal Lecter may think that the Chesapeake Ripper Trial is about him #but he would be wrong)


the trial of hannibal lecter, the chesapeake ripper

history is being made. the most notorious serial killer in the world has been caught, but he is still spreading like a feverish plague - even more so now than before. hannibal lecter. hannibal the cannibal. the chesapeake ripper. doctor lecter. his name is on the lips of the people - the newsreels, the tabloids, the internet, the men and women and children can’t stop whispering and screaming about it. about him. he’s a monster. he’s a god. he’s like no one we’ve ever seen before. 

and we’ve been eating out of his hand like dogs. and we won’t stop.

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Is star prosecution witness Abigail Hobbs an innocent victim, or a monster in the guise of a maiden? Neither the state nor the defense seems quite sure where she falls. One thing is certain however: Her testimony and behavior on the witness stand is a controversial performance that has ignited public opinion. {Dedicated to this post}


Is star prosecution witness Abigail Hobbs an innocent victim, or a monster in the guise of a maiden? Neither the state nor the defense seems quite sure where she falls. One thing is certain however: Her testimony and behavior on the witness stand is a controversial performance that has ignited public opinion. {Dedicated to this post}

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